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Packing Tips

Are you planning a move soon? Not sure where to start? Then we have just figured out some packing tips that will make your move easier and less stressful. The key for every smooth and successful move is preparation. So if you plan your move ahead and get organized in advance you will have peace of mind on a moving day. 

Below are the moving tips and tricks that will help you to guide on how to start and get ready for the best move you ever had. Your moving doesn’t start with packing things, the first step is to ensure to have reliable packing supplies to pack your belongings. 

Useful Materials:
We recommend purchasing new packing supplies from the moving company or another reliable source. Some items such as wardrobes and blankets may be rented and returned. Useful supplies include:

• Plastic Bags and Mattress Covers
• Labels and Markers
• Packing Paper and Tissue Paper for Delicate Items
• Packing Tape with Dispenser or Twine
• Corrugated Paper Rolls for Fragile Items

Not sure, what things need to pack for your move? Relax! Here is the list of things to pack for a move to simply your moving in an efficient manner.

• Foam Popcorn
• Scissors or Box Cutter
• Pen and Notebook to Keep Carton ID Log
• Boxes of Various Sizes and Specialty Types

Make a Note
If you choose to use your own moving boxes, check to make sure they are clean and strong enough to do the job. Don’t use old newspapers to wrap anything that may absorb ink. If you are using interstate movers, be sure to keep out supplies for writing and keeping track of phone calls, inventory, and any other important records.

One of the key reasons many people rank moving as among life’s most stressful events is that it is often time consuming and chaotic. There are the millions of tasks that need to be performed before, during and after a move such as cleaning your old home, packing your belongings, forwarding your mail etc. However, moving does not have to be the stress and even rage inducing event that most people find it to be. You can minimize the stress involved and streamline the entire process by simply organizing your move in an efficient manner. This means creating and following a list of tasks that need to be performed and items to pack!

Create a List of Items to be Packed, Donated or Thrown Away Weeks before you even start packing, go from room to room in your home to decide which of your possessions you will sell, donate or give away. This will help you streamline the entire moving process and lessen the chance you will forget to pack something. Next, make sure to create a duplicate checklist as this will help in an emergency. Finally, use this list not only to help you remember what to pack but also so that you can arrange your new space more efficiently.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Items
Oftentimes, we can be a slave to our possessions. This is where one of the positive things about moving comes into play. It gives us a chance to clean house by getting rid of items we no longer want or need. It is an especially good idea to get rid of items such as old clothes, bend linens, old kitchen tools and bulky items that are obsolete. Donate, sell or place these items into storage to make it easier on you and your moving company.

Hire The Best Local Moving Company
When you have finally set a date that you wish to move you will naturally wish to the best moving company. Since there are many companies to choose from try comparing several companies. Be sure that your final selection has fast, friendly service as well as experience in the market.

Plan Your Moving Day
Ideally, you should schedule your move as far in advance as possible. This way you can avoid later having to pack things in a rush as this will also decrease the chances that you will forget something. If possible, visit the house you plan to move into early so that you can plan where you will place the items you bring from your old home.

Begin Packing Your Supplies
After creating a list of the most important things you will take with you, begin to assemble together the supplies you will need in order to keep our possessions safe and secure. These supplies should include:

Cardboard boxes
Packing paper
Bubble wrap for extra protection
Permanent markers for marking boxes
Kids Essentials
If you have kids, then you will need to pack the following kid-essentials items: Their medications, their favorite snacks, beverages, toys and books to keep them safe and happy throughout your move.

Pet Essentials
Take care when moving with pets as they will obviously not know how to comprehend what is going on. Therefore, in order to make them feel at ease keep their routine unchanged and pack their favorite toys for them to play with. This may keep them from acting out during your move.

Shift your Services to New Address
Finally, don’t forget to notify your cable, gas, telephone and internet companies of the move. This way you will ensure that these services have been switched over to your new address.

A well planned move is one that is also easier, faster and less stress-inducing.

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I would absolutely recommend Betton movers! We used them multiple times during a multi-floor remodel of our home. Our move was a large project that included moving a piano twice. The movers were extremely careful in moving our furniture as well as our piano! They were patient and listened to our requests and were extremely quick, efficient and polite.
Due to a family member falling ill and later passing during the time of our move we had to reschedule our move multiple times with very short notice and Betton movers were extremely accommodating and understanding of our situation. They worked with us until we could find a time that worked for us and got the job done. We will definitely be using them in the future!
As usual, i was running behind the day of my move, so i called, hoping they were running behind too. Just my luck - i get the guys that were actually punctual. Not only did they help me knock out the rest of my packing, but everything was loaded up from my apartment with enough time to swing by my storage & grab what i needed from there too.

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