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Office Moving

Office moving can be a stressful process. There are many things that can go wrong between your old office and the new office. It is always a good idea to hire a professional moving company to help you in moving. This is because while you may be moving for the second or third time, they have helped countless clients move all over the state and even out of state. In Houston, Betton Moving Company provides office moving solutions. You may find that you still have a few clients to deal with or urgent appointments to keep. All you want to do is move to a new office not lose money and clients. The following are some of the challenges you face when moving office.


Accidents and injuries

Moving involves lifting heavy objects and carrying them around. You could easily throw out your back lifting heavy items or end up hurting yourself when you drop something on your foot. There is also the risk of tripping and breaking a hand or foot as you navigate the chaos created by poorly organized moving boxes.

When you hire Betton Moving Company carrying the vintage oak desk is no longer your responsibility and that ensures you do not get injured. Having a packing plan will ensure that the office is not littered with boxes and various items as this can result in your injury or that of one of your staff members. If you have a large office space with more than one room, packing should be done room to room. This will keep everything organized.


Damaged or broken items

Items can be damaged during the office moving process. It could be due to poor packing or how they were handled while being moved. It can be very frustrating to find that your very expensive desk top is broken and no longer usable.

This is where bubble wrap and foam popcorn come in. Wrap delicate items in bubble wrap to ensure that they are not broken. You could also fill the packing boxes with foam popcorn to keep the item from moving around inside. Do not overpack. Putting too many items in one box as this might cause it to burst open and the items may be lost or broken when they fall out.


IT Problems

Computers can easily be damaged and accessories lost when office moving. You use computers to store information, and to communicate with clients. When you move you want to ensure that your business continues running without any problems.

Before moving back up all your data. Hire a moving company that will not only get your IT equipment to the new office but also take time to reconnect and reinstall everything for you. In this way you can start working immediately after the move.


Moving office is a hectic process and can take up a lot of your time. If you are looking to relocate your office within Houston, the Betton Moving Company can give you a hand. When you are facing problems office moving you will need movers that can provide solutions.

Professional Packing:
One of the most vital tasks in moving is packing your valuables. It seems so easy, however, it quickly can go wrong if it is not done properly.As experienced movers,we are skilled to carefully handle and pack your items with great attention. We are equipped with all sorts of moving material, so you don’t need to waste your money on purchasing packing materials. We even provide packing tips and moving tips to simplify your moving.

Whenever you’re planning for a long distance move, just contact us to make your moving experience a simple one!


Office moving can be quite challenging right! When you planned to move all your office equipment, machinery and costly furniture, you need to be more cautious in choosing the best moving company. Now with Betton Moving company, you can get professional office movers who can facilitate quick and efficient moving services in Houston, Texas. We have more than 30 years of experience and has successfully handled office moving services of all sizes.


There’s no job too big or small for our team! We can handle everything in Houston, Texas. We easily move your office equipment without facing any interruptions to your employees during the transfer of your business, thanks to our experienced crew. As a reputed office moving company, we are committed to providing incomparable moving services with professional movers who can take care of all your office furnishing. So you can ensure that your office valuables are in trustworthy hands. Proper padding is giving for your monitors, CPU’s, keyboards, printer, telephone mice and other sensitive office items to free from damage.


When you hire Betton Moving, as your office moving company in Houston Texas, the type of furniture we would like to relocate to your new place includes:


Office desks
Storage and file cabinets
Office accessories
Files and records
Our moving service team from Betton Moving are well trained to dismantle your workstation so as to reassemble correctly at your new location. Thus, it helps to save your money because if the movers are unable to reinstall and configure your furniture it leads to hiring some other movers to do that work.


Whether your office moving services need to be done in the next week or next month in Houston, Texas call our team at (855) 798-0705 to help you out! We do offer our client both Moving tips and Packing Tips.


Betton Moving quotes a price determined by the size of the load and factors such as stairs, multiple heavy items, and deconstructing beds and similar large items. Check out our below feasible rates:

Truck – Moving Services

Hourly Rates
We’re happy to work during the week or at the weekend, depending on your moving schedule. Flat rates are available and subject to approval. Our hourly rates include:


• $99.00 per Hour for a Three-Man Crew with a $49.00-$99.00 Trip Charge
• $79.00 per Hour for a Two-Man Crew with a $39.50 Trip Charge (Subject for Availability)


• $109.00 per Hour for a Three-Man Crew with a $59.50-$109.00 Trip Charge
• $79.00 per Hour for a Two-Man Crew with a $39.50 Trip Charge (Subject for Availability)


Additional Equipment
Allow us to make your duties easier. We supply packing equipment such as:

• Boxes — Small $1.75, Medium $2.50, Large $3.00
• Wardrobes — Rental $8.00, Purchased $12.00
• Dish Packs with Inserts — $12.00
• White Paper — $1.00 per Pound
• Tape — $3.00 per Roll

Betton Moving is here to help make your move AMAZING!

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We are very proud to have served thousands of clients in their time of need.

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✔ Disconnect or connect appliances.
✔ Full service packing & unpacking.
✔ Crating of antiques & fine art.
✔ Disassembling & reassembling.
✔ Moving blankets for furniture.
✔ Loading & unloading.
✔ Mileage & taxes.
✔ Basic value protection.
✔ Clean trucks.
✔ Friendly movers.
✔ Quality service.

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A few good words from our clients

I would absolutely recommend Betton movers! We used them multiple times during a multi-floor remodel of our home. Our move was a large project that included moving a piano twice. The movers were extremely careful in moving our furniture as well as our piano! They were patient and listened to our requests and were extremely quick, efficient and polite.
Due to a family member falling ill and later passing during the time of our move we had to reschedule our move multiple times with very short notice and Betton movers were extremely accommodating and understanding of our situation. They worked with us until we could find a time that worked for us and got the job done. We will definitely be using them in the future!
As usual, i was running behind the day of my move, so i called, hoping they were running behind too. Just my luck - i get the guys that were actually punctual. Not only did they help me knock out the rest of my packing, but everything was loaded up from my apartment with enough time to swing by my storage & grab what i needed from there too.

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We understand how stressful moving can be for families and small businesses in particular, and take every care to ensure that we minimize it.

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